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Happy birthday John

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Happy birthday John

October 9, 1940 was the day John Lennon was born, had he lived he’d be 78 today. It just doesn’t seem possible that all this time has passed. John was almost my favorite Beatle… I always liked Ringo best but I truly identified with John. He was the one I emulated most in the bands I was in back in the 60’s and 70’s, even the way I held my guitar when I was strumming and singing. John was controversial, opinionated, brash to the point of almost being nasty and always a voice for the young people around the world. His death at the hands of a crazed fan in 1980 hit me hard, to this day I feel a deep sense of loss. Happy birthday John, I hope you and George Harrison are somewhere heavenly and playing together with Harry Nilsson, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Keith Moon and John Entwhistle.  Now that would be a band!


Photo of album cover by Capitol Records, John is at left.

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