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CMNH Helps Kids!

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
CMNH Helps Kids!

Throughout Radiothon, we bring you stories of how Childrens Miracle Network steps in where insurance can’t help. Case in point, Tanner Novak, who was born with a heart defect and required a pacemaker. So far he’s had 7 surgeries, and he’s only seven years old! He’ll need more as he grows older as well. But one of the touching things about his story is that one of his wishes is to be able to do all the things that his friends can do. Specifically, riding a bike. While kids his age made take such a thing for granted, because of Tanner’s heart condition, he is only able to ride a for a short time before he gets tired out. Fortunately, CMN Hospitals stepped in to pay for a special e-assist bike, which helps him to ride normally and keep up with his friends. The bike is being specially built by Wyatt Bikes here in La Crosse and should be finished in time for his 8th birthday. Because of your donation, Tanner is able to get this bike, an expense not covered by insurance. Thanks for making this special miracle possible for Tanner! Please call all 784-KIDS. Thank you!


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