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At the scene

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7

In the early days of the British Invasion, the biggest challenger to the Beatles for fan popularity was London’s Dave Clark Five.  Four of their first five releases on Epic Records were top ten hits and they continued with top ten and top twenty hits for two years finally scoring a #1 hit with “Over and Over” in late ’65.  But then something happened… the DC5 suddenly became Not Cool and record sales started to slide.  They had a couple more top twenty hits, but the magic was gone.  From 1967 through 1971 the Dave Clark Five released ten singles without a song even cracking the Billboard Hot 100.  They broke up in 1971 for good.  Today’s forgotten oldie is one of those last hits… and perhaps shows why the band had lost their magic.  From 1966, the #18 song “At The Scene”. You can listen below.


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